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My name is Nicky 

I am driven leader, with a deep care for people. Fun, determined, performance and transformation expert. I lead from the front with high support, courage and a focus on building lasting behavioural change.

My top values are honesty, loyalty, family, joy, peace, respect, love, fun, drive, growth and development.

I am a mum to Luis, love to travel, dance and not take life too seriously.

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My Story

I had been around the world of business since 10 years old. My dad started his business from our home, with boxes everywhere and everyone helping where they could. By the age of 12, I was answering the house phone thanking customers for calling and dealing with their queries. 

We made orders, closed sales and soon the business became international and my dad relocated to an office where he had a large team of staff. Instead of reverting back to childlike ways, I instead stayed working, as I loved the world of business and leadership. I was so inspired by my dads way of dedicating himself to the mission, the belief in himself and his product, the care he had for his team and how fun and enjoyable he made every day.


During my own career I have worked for leading companies  such as Apple and Nike, I learnt the impact of culture and prioritising people first. I was obsessed with creating an experience for my employees and my customer. I would continually innovate my ways of working to enhance the experience for my team. The team are my customer, and I came to realise that when I invested and valued them, they ultimately provided a better service and focus to the product customer. The impact of focusing on people resulted to winning awards for commercial  performance and employee engagement.


In 2020 I paused  as part of my self development and realised that I wanted to have a bigger and more direct impact, which would be directly linked to peoples happiness and inner peace. . I took some time out, studied some more, reconnected to my values and inner me, which led me to start Coach to Growth.


What makes me unique to a sea of business and leadership coaches out there? I focus first on the deep mindset and freeing you from limiting beliefs, ego and conditioning that we all have as part of life journey. Next we focus on enhancing the leadership skills and culture. Why? Because 80% of lasting change is built on mindset then 20% on strategy or action.  One of my clients described working with me as “hitting the jackpot in a sea of coaches that you need to more you life and business in the direction that you want it.”


I have been blessed to work with some amazing clients and companies who are supporting my mission to make 100k people happy by loving what they do and who they are. You can check my testimonials page for some of the feedback on what I have helped my clients achieve.  I’ve coached many high profile leaders and lead people through life-changing experiences.  


As a lifelong student of human behaviour, I am consistently studying and researching how to have impact on peoples behaviour to have a positive and empowering impact for themselves and others. I lead from the front, with confidence and high support. Every client has an individual approach and I operate with courage to call someones BS. I go to places that most wouldn’t.




So I find it, I study it, I refine it. I perfect my craft and continuously enhance my art.  I invest a huge amount of my time, money and energy as part of my relentless professional and personal development.


I am blessed to spend my days in my true fulfilment having the deep impact on peoples happiness, joy, peace and fulfilment. Every day I am one step closer to achieving my 100k mission which in 2020 felt like an unobtainable number.

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