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II have been blessed to work with some amazing leaders who had such an impact on who I am today. All of them have the below 12 behaviours in abundance -

⭐️ #Trust - This is a number 1 behaviour that always has to be present. Leaders need trust and choose not to micromanage, you hire great people, get out of their way to allow them to show their potential. Team can then feel safe, empowered, vulnerable and authentically them.

⭐️ Curiosity / Presence - Ask questions and be truly present to hear the answer. This could be a basic question of “How are you?” Or a broader question of “How do you think we can grow our business in the next 12 months?” Both questions required the same amount of care and presence to listen for the answer.

⭐️ Empathy - Truly have the ability to understand the thoughts, feelings and needs of others in a non judgmental way.

⭐️ Authentic Care - Care about your team as individual human beings. Adjust your style based on the employee and their needs at that moment. Celebrate their successes and be there for them during their most difficult times.

⭐️ Credit Giver v Credit Taker - When your business achieves it goals or you receive recognition from the customer(s) or from your boss. Smile and give all the credit to the team who made those goals happen.

⭐️ Investor in Peoples Development - Make consistent time to develop your team- invest in them if you want them to invest in the business.

⭐️ Vulnerability - Show your failures , mistakes, fears and tough times. Your team will show up for you and allows them to feel safe to do the same.

⭐️ Courage - To take risks and allow your team to take risks whilst providing them with the support the need along the way.

⭐️ Innovator / Future Thinking - A leader may come up with future thinking ideas to grow the business but a leader should also create an environment where the team come up with great ideas and make them happen. They take time to slow down to speed up. They have the ability to dive into the detail short term but go back to strategic thinking to develop the long term strategy.

⭐️ #Visionary - Create a vision that creates meaning and purpose/ direction for the team to follow.

⭐️ Inclusive - The create an enviornment where everyone belongs, is heard and valued. They celebrate diversity and allow each member of their team embrace their uniqueness and gifts that only they have,

⭐️ Mindset - This one I have recently added but is one of the most valuable. A great leader has deep self awareness and invests in their mindset development to ensure that they are the best version of themselves to be the best version for their teams.

All of these behaviours create a culture of safety, inclusivity, trust and a team who truly care for their work and their leader. They show up everyday wanting to do their best work. These teams become high performing and unstoppable teams.

To build and maintain these behaviours requires continuous investment in self development and learning.

Which of these behaviours resonates with you? Whether it be as a leader or reflecting on a great leader you have experienced in your life or career?

Imagine a world free from

- The prison of your mind

- The judgement of self of others

- Your Ego

- Limiting beliefs

- Trying to control circumstances that you have no control over

Imagine being so free that the things you want to do tomorrow was not controlled from the thoughts or experiences from the past.

Imagine if I now told you that all this is possible! All it requires is to take the first step by saying I’m ready to exist in the whole hearted version of me creating the inner peace that I deserve.

After watching Get Up Stand Up - the story of Bob Marley on the theatre this weekend it made me reflect on the last words Bob Marley shared with his son ….

“Money can’t buy life” or in the words in his lyrics of the song jamming “life is worth more than gold”

Now there are many deeper reasons behind these lyrics but for todays message it made me think back to how we try to find happiness and life in external validation or material things.

For me “life” is inner peace and being content in the now. Fully accepting and loving who you are and the possibility of who else you can become in the future.

There is no material object that can bring true and fulfilling joy.

So if you didn’t have the success or the material things “Could you be loved?”

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