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5 myths of Coaching

What an honour it is to be a Coach. I get to do a job every day that has a direct impact on peoples happiness. I partner with my clients to lead them into a certainty of a better future. I replace fear for confidence and doubt for clarity.

Today I wanted to share my Top 5 myths that I often hear about coaching. (Some of them which were my own myths)

1️⃣ Teaching or Telling People is Coaching - This was the biggest myth that personally I shifted in my own mindset. I used to believe coaching was teaching “how to” or telling people what to do or it wouldn’t add value. Now my mindset has completely shifted. There are times I add perspective or may pose a challenge but often there is no need as the client has the answers within and creating the space for the insight is all they need.

2️⃣ I am already Coaching My Team - I often hear this when in fact if you pause and reflect are you actually coaching or are you actually directing people to your ideas and way of thinking?

3️⃣ It Takes too Long to Coach then to Simply Direct People - This is another myth I have worked through personally. If I was pushed for time I would lean to directing, when in reality the best and most impactful approach is to slow down to speed up. When I stay in coaching I am empowering my team to develop, grow and take on more growth projects which in turn make me less busy and more focused on people and the future of the business.

4️⃣ I Don’t need Coaching I can Coach Myself - Again this was me! I LOVE self development- Every day I build in time to learn and grow. I believed I could do it alone .I can watch a you tube video , read a book or listen to a podcast and i’m done! Whilst I will remain doing these things its not enough to truly develop myself and since having a coach and seeing the impact I will never not have one. They have helped me go deeper, broader, 5 mythsprovide accountability, reach my blind spots and push out of my comfort zone.

5️⃣ Coaching is only for People who have Problems that they are Aware of - Big Myth. Yes there is huge power in partnering with a coach to solve a problem that you want to solve or achieving a goal you have set your sights on. There is however, also as much power in partnering with a coach when you are at your most successful as they will help you stay on track, raise your goals and keep you pushing out your comfort zone.

6️⃣ Coaching is Basically Therapy - There is a big distinction between the two. Therapy focuses on the past whereas coaching focuses on understanding the past, detaching from it and becoming future focused and achieving the goals you want to achieve.

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