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Are you coachable?

Are you coachable?

This is a question that I ask myself but that I also ask my clients.

Here are some helpful ways to check if you’re coachable-

1. Do you ask for feedback regularly from all levels of your organisation and people with different perspectives that you trust to be honest with you.

2. You listen (without responding/ defending yourself) to the feedback and thank the person for being honest.

3. You recognise that what got you here won’t get you to the next chapter so personal growth / innovation is key.

4. You are open and vulnerable around failures and challenges.

5. You take action off the back of the feedback. Be accountable for your growth.

6. Have unshakable belief in your abilities but Stay humble in the process.

7. Embrace a positive mindset and see setback as gifts and an opportunity to learn.

With all these factors considered and the impact coaching has on your life maybe the right question is why would you ever not be coachable?

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