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Emotional Freedom

Imagine your mind is like a room in your house.

It’s just a space that you can fill with anything you choose you choose .

From the moment we are born our mind is being decorated creating conditioning / beliefs and values systems.

We then continue to fill the space with other items through time, memories, relationships.

As with any room you can clear out and completely redecorate And it’s the same with your mind.

Limiting beliefs and values can shift if you choose to invest and clear out the clutter.

This leads to emotional freedom and true developmental transformation.

How do I know? Because I have been through this exact journey.

I was living in a world of feeling unworthy of love based on 2 pivotal childhood memories. I had zero awareness of the impact because I had suppressed it so deeply.

The irony is a suppressed this lack of inner love in hyper achieving and restlessness.

My inner love was validated by top performance, the next promotion of recognition from others. Whilst this was a great mask what when it’s not there anymore? Existing through external validation or through performance is not sustainable.

The inner and work I have now done allows me to truly be emotionally free. Love all of me, know and accept who I am.

What’s the impact ? Limiting beliefs eradicated and I operate every day in my superpowers. And my performance is higher than it’s ever been.

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