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Jack of all Trades Master of None

Until very recently I had only knew this quote as “Jack of all trades, master of none.” I had never heard the final part of the quote, when I did it totally reframed my thinking and my confidence.

Until a few years back I always describe my myself as this! I am a Leader who has always been interested and studying different aspects of leadership. I had created a story for myself that this was a negative verses someone who had deep expertise in one skill.

However, when we finish the quote it says “Jack of all Trades Master of None, Though often Better than a Master on One.”

I believe in mastery, there is so value in mastering your craft and I don’t think that means you have to stop exploring and studying other topics and interests, they can both co insist.

My new reframe is that my mastery is Authentic Leadership at its purest. To be a masterful leader you need to have skill in many pots and not just one. A great leader is made up of many skills and habits. This is the same in coaching. My clients need different tools at different stages of their journey and having breadth allows me to adapt and show up powerfully in different settings and situations.

I now recognise the power in depth and breadth and celebrate the diversity in both.

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