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Need Help in Building Confidence?

Lacking in confidence often holds us back from reaching our True Potential or achieving our goals. We can often lack confidence when applying ourselves to a new task, job , skill or behvaiour that we want to develop.

The good news is that building confidence can be intentionally developed. Below I have listed the 7 steps that I work on with my clients to build unshakeable belief in themselves.

⭐️ Identify your Limiting Beliefs -limiting beliefs or inner critic create a negative dialogue that prevent us from making progress. Limiting beliefs are often driven from fear, feeling unworthy, time, money, feeling that you're not skilled/talented enough.

⭐️ Connect to your Values and Purpose- Having clarity on who you are and what are your core values helps you live more purposefully. When you are aware of your values you can connect to them daily and build confidence in knowing your intention is positive to help others or develop yourself.

⭐️ Build Daily Habits-When we practise something daily it becomes part of our subconscious. An action we just do every day for example, is brushing our teeth, as a child you build confidence and skill in brushing your teeth correctly. Now as an adult you just brush your teeth twice a day without even thinking about it. It’s now a habit. These habits vary depending on the goal but the common habits include getting uncomfortable, taking daily actions, connecting with others, planning the habit in advance and scheduling it in to hold yourself accountable.

⭐️ Be Uncomfortable being Uncomfortable - flirt with failure, if you don’t fail, we don’t learn and grow at the same rate as when everything is smooth sailing. Building confidence in knowing that I do fail I can learn and apply the learning to go again in a more powerful way. When trying something new its meant to be uncomfortable, that’s where the growth lies not only in confidence but in skills and behaviours.

⭐️ Practise- Every day make time to practise the area you want to build confidence in. The more you practise the more comfortable and confident you will become.

⭐️ Take Action- Embrace the courage within you! Let go of it needing to be perfect before you get started. Perfection is an illusion! Ask yourself What are the actions I can make to begin to build confidence? Take one action today that will bring you a step closer to being more confident in yourself.

⭐️Visualise the Confident You- If you took these above steps and worked on being more confident visualise what it would like like? What would you see and hear? What impact on your life would it make?

Don’t live smaller than you are intended to be or let confidence hold you back from achieving that goal or your true potential. Anything is possible when you believe it and willing to get out of your head and into action!

What is the one action you will take today to start to build confidence?

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