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How does your current reality look like and how do you want it to look?

This could be in any aspect of your life, personally or professionally and often the two co exist and are not separate identities.

Try asking yourself-

- What would it feel like in my future reality?

- If I achieved my future, what impact would it have on you, your family, business, team?

- What’s holding me back from achieving my future?

- What small step can I make today to start to make progress towards my reality?

I often ask myself these questions especially when embracing a new goal. An example I would share is -

My reality was feeling trapped and that I had a lack of choice and I wanted my future to look like a freedom of choice. This was both personally and professionally. I asked myself these questions and…

- In my new reality I have the freedom and ability to schedule work around my life. I removed any personal relationships that prevented me from having a freedom of choice.

- This means that I now have time for joy, family is now the priority, I am more rested and this has resulted in me consistently showing up professionally as the best version of myself.

- At the time what was holding me back was fear of failure. “What if it didn’t work?” It has worked and I trust the process that if I show up powerfully, authentically and committed the growth and results will happen organically.

- The first step for me was connecting with a coach who could share their experience and expertise.

I would love to know if you have done a similar exercise whether for a big life changing goal or even to make a small shift in your life?

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