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Release the sandbags!

Hot Air Balloons are designed to rise. If they remain on the ground they are not serving their purpose.

Imagine you have climbed inside a hot air balloon, you are ready to fly so you begin to pull on the lever to fuel the flame that will make the balloon rise. The balloon is not rising so you pull again harder and faster on the lever until the balloon runs out of fuel and the flame burns out. At burnout you realise the balloon didn’t rise because the sandbags were still attached to the side of the basket.

Imagine what would have happened if instead of pulling harder and faster on the lever you just slowed down to speed up. Right now would would be flying just like in the picture.

So how does this relate to life …. Here’s how in the past it related to mine

What if instead of scheduling one more work task or work call I paused and scheduled time for joy or scheduled a time for self love?

What is I invested time in reflecting to create the awareness of repeated patterns that were causing me to pull on the lever faster verse noticing the sand bags are still on?

What tasks am I still doing that are actually built out of habit verse serving me purpose in my next chapter.

What if I had someone in my team would jump at the opportunity to develop and grow and was excited by the opportunity of owning and completing a task that I could delegate creating space for me and empowerment and growth for them?

What if I opened up and showed vulnerability to someone I trusted or invested in a coach to help me release the sandbags?

What if the sandbags are just negative thoughts that are sabotaging my growth and expansion of my potential?

So I did all of these above points and I built a habit around each of them.

As a leader we have a reasonability to always keep the balloon in the air for ourselves, our team and our business. We become so busy doing that we can forget to schedule time to pause and realise that the sandbags are holding us back from achieving growth in our happiness, results and our own and our teams growth and development.

How do I consistently still keep the sandbags off?

By setting boundaries. Remembering that I am at my best when I slow down to speed up. This means I schedule less but show up powerfully for everything that I do. I am comfortable to decline or delete tasks that no longer serve me and make space for joy in every day.

I do at least one thing every day that challenges my mind and allows me time to reflect and think creatively.

Since starting the business a big sandbag has been my imposter. So I am back to embracing my thoughts and feelings to quieten my imposter. I take on the scary challenge and realise it’s not that scary. I open up to my coach and community to share my fears and together we break through and always have a good laugh on the other side.

Are there any sandbags in your life that holding you back from flying?

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