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What is a successful workplace culture?

How can you tell if you have a successful workplace culture? Here are my top ways to measure.

Clear #Vision that aligns with the values of the team. The purpose is embedded and lives through all that you do. It’s not just a statement on the wall its a common awareness and culture that all employees are aware of and can articulate. It is your North Star - provides direction.

#AuthenticCare / #HumanConnection . You see your team as people and each day connect with them on a personal and professional level. You know about their family, personal achievements, hobbies. Vulnerability is present because they feel cared for and safe.

High #retention of staff. Your staff love what they do. They are proud to do what they do and feel they are making an impact. They feel seen heard and valued.

#Empathy links back to care as discussed earlier but you understand and care for their perspective, wants and needs both on a personal and professional level. You see them as a individual and approach their needs in a way that’s unique for them. You listen without judgement or relating it to you.

#empowerment the team are empowered to make decisions /take risks without fear. They are impacting the day to day and the bigger strategy. They are collaborating together celebrating and utilising each other’s strengths.

#Inclusion. You celebrate and welcome diversity in all forms. The team are able to be authentically themselves in every capacity. You also include them into decision making,innovation, future thinking.

#development is a top priority. There is a culture of investing in people as you see this as investing in the business. Development is not just a one off workshop it is continuous coaching, feedback /recognition and individual development plans.

#ConsistentResults - The business results and key KPI’s consistently grow because the team are operating at their best.

#Trust the environment is safe and based with integrity and trust. Everything is done through a positive intent lens for the good of the team and customer. There is no ego in fact the opposite is in play with ultimate vulnerability to admit mistakes and take responsibility. The team trust your decisions, your care, connection.

#communication is open, safe and consistent. There isn’t a top down approach. People feel safe to speak their mind , share ideas or feedback. Expectations and goals are clear. There is a place for recognition in the small wins and the big milestones too.

#Laughter. In your working environment how much laughter do you hear? How many smiles do you see? When people feel connected, safe, valued and that they are making an impact they enjoy what they do. They are happier fulfilled and relax.

Whether you employ 1 person or 1000 people as a leader your first priority is creating a high performing culture. When this is done right and consistently the results and customer satisfaction grow too. Your role is to take care of the team who then take care of the customer.

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