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Who can you help feel seen and heard this week?

Last week I had 3 separate conversations where people became emotional and thanked me for supporting them feel seen and heard. This was not my original intention as it was a mutual connection but it’s how the conversations transpired.


1. Creating a safe space firstly from an environment perspective and secondly by embracing true active listening. Active listening is listening to understand not to respond.

2. When the person has finished speaking allow more space by pausing, it creates more time for awareness for them (maybe even more to share) and allows you to reflect on all that you have heard.

3. Next practise reflective listening by paraphrasing back the key points and ask if you have heard correctly?

4. Ask one simple question - how can I best support you?

I share this to reflect on how many others in our lives are not feeling seen and heard and would really benefit from a connection.

How can we schedule and prioritise time and space this week for people both personally and professionally? This space could benefit and impact someone we care for in transformational ways.

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